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Poetry and Philosophy

Dream Acting – Free Wishes ZH – SP

Poem – Music immersion for the Dream Acting – Free Wishes Zurich – Sao Paulo event. A co-production between Nulyra VL and Cecilia Erismann.



Complexa simplicidade

Que brinca de cima a baixo


No morro


De baixo, se vêem estrelas

De cima, purpurina

16804139_10155093893676942_1167980623672146550_o.jpgPhoto by Jose Guilherme Leite

Out Loud

To speak out loud the words we were suppose to keep only to ourselves is to have the courage to open up to others at the exactly same time that look deep into ourselves – mirroring and affirming, to both the other and us, that we might not be exactly what we dreamed about it, but that we were always in our ways and that we tried – and how we tried!

To say it out loud is to be on the face of the other and still be able to recognize ourselves in what is other, without loosing ourselves in this other. To confess that maybe the world and the so called normality is not working so well for all of us – that some of us were looking for something else – that some of us are more intense than others and that this is actually good. We all would like to live in a world that we perfectly fit, without needing to fit in any thing at all. We were all born different, and this difference is exactly what makes us humans so interesting! To say we might have taken the wrong path over and over to try to fit in other dreams, to mirror what we were not, to try to do what we were expected to do – but that we already learned that to keep on doing this is a waste of time.

Life is much more interesting when we learn how to trust on our paths or when we stop to follow the path of others. Everything we know as normal, was not some time ago and will not be in some future near by… I rather take a risk, than tell the same old story all over again. Life, they say, is too short to repeat old words anyway. We should learn how to speak out loud our own words, to be speaking and not spoken, to do anew. There is never a way back, there is only a ‘from now on’. All those who dared to dream with their hands and fought for what they believed were classify as crazy or somehow visionary. I prefer to call them ‘humans’, for we are all crazy and visionary in different degrees and for different causes. The difference is that those who received already the tittle dared greatly to say it loud enough.


Nesse exato momento

Nesse exato momento,

Alguém morreu – no ultimo suspiro de amor,

Alguém mentiu feio – por ter medo de errar,

Alguém riu tanto – e ainda ri,

Das ironias que a vida nos conta,

E ainda conta – e ainda vai contar…


Alguém descobriu um segredo antigo,

Guardado à sete chaves por gerações,

E que já não vale mais nada…

Alguém ficou grávida – no ato do maior prazer,

Alguém partiu para nunca mais…

Alguém ficou – a ver navios – aonde não há mar…


Nesse exato momento,

Alguém faz amor às pressas,

Alguém faz amor tardio,

Alguém sonha com um amor que nunca virá…

Alguém erra na escolha,

E se delicia com o erro,

Alguém encontra um amigo –

Alguém conclui que o amor é para poucos.


Nesse exato momento,

Tudo de um pouco acontece,

Um homem bate na porta com cartas na mão,

Uma mulher sai para dançar sem ter horas de voltar,

Algumas horas serão passadas em vão,

Outras serão jamais esquecidas,

Outras passarão sem serem notadas…


Com as horas desse exato momento,

Eu faço um baú de todas as memorias que nunca terei,

Eu caminho com algum homem que sobe um morro,

Eu busco segredos que alguém está para contar,

Está contando, está inventando,

Nesse exato momento,

Na única hora que alguém pode existir,

Sentir, agir, querer,

Nesse momento guardado por mim,

A vida passando no entrelaçar de mil histórias…


Nesse exato momento,

Há um momento passando – já indo,

E um outro chegando.

Nada é mais assim tão exato,

Mas alguém ainda anda por uma rua específica,

Alguém ainda canta uma canção qualquer,

Nesse exato momento – por fim!

Silêncio – o meu,

Esse exato momento indo – indo…

Já foi.

Encontros – an art piece made as a ‘response’ to the book ‘A dialogue Between Poetry and Philosophy: an encounter of the writer with his reader’ and a presented as part of the book’s presentation by Pablo de la Peña.


Between Charlotte and me – an ongoing conversation

Don’t wake me up – Let me stay…

Let me lay down on our memories – on what was left behind,

Our sunny Sundays – you dreaming next to me,

Forever morning,

Les rayons du soleil à travers notre fenêtre,


Being love – daydreaming,

What time did not take away – memory,

Les souvenirs d’amour sont tellement doux…


Nous, l’amour d’autre fois…

Images and words blowing through my mind – ta presence invisible,

The sun shining on your already gone presence,

Not yet there – already gone,

Time passing slowly– overlapping reality,

Where did our time go?


Daydreaming, I watch the time passing by,

Always, un peu plus loin,

In your absence, I let the sun caress my body,

It was you that told me once – tu Te rappelle?

We are words in a golden writting –

Tu m’avais dit… Tout ce que tu vois dans cette ville!

Tout ce qu’on voyait dans cette ville – now lies down in a golden box…


Your words running through my body,

You wrote on me your history,

I am now your monument – a fragment,

Don’t wake me up –

Les mémoires d’amour sont tellement doux…


In that sunny Sunday, do you still remember?

Our bodies lying down on this bed,

The same bed that now I lay down – your invisible presence,

In your absence –

Le temps de l’amour s’évanoui…


Blows like the wind,

It passes away,

It passes by.

It passes.








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Launch of the book ‘A dialogue Between Poetry and Philosophy: an encounter of the writer with his reader’

‘The writer can almost hear the reader’s footsteps, but when you come – when you finally would have come, it will always be a surprise, almost too late, always in the perfect time – you always come on time.’

Upcoming launch of the book in Zurich at the Sphere on the 16.09.2016 at 19:00h!

Public facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/276518939401266/

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Manifesta Biennale, Zurich.

‘A poetic encounter – or on preferring to’ at the Cabaret Voltaire on the 19.08.2016!


Based on the text of Cecilia Erismann, the performance is a music, poetry and video improvisation. Happening in dialogue between these areas – the artistic process expressing itself on the encounter.

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Flow –

The ultimate goal in life should never be to arrive, but to keep on going… We never know what is waiting for us at the end of the road – but we can always know how the next step could look like. Embrace your true nature, let it be and let it go, flow. Take a chance, make a change. Go. Knowing that does not matter what happens to you, you will always get what you needed to get and what you have desired for – we are always lucky enough to find all that we needed to find in order to keep on growing, to keep on going. This life is the most beautiful school one could apply for – and it is for free, and it is for all, and it has all the different colors, shapes, knowledge. Don’t waste it feeling sorry for the bad things that happened to you or the bad people that you needed to cross on your way. Be thankful for them, for in the end of the day, they are our biggest gifts. Without them, we would never be able to practice our true love, show our brightest light or have a deeper understanding of what does it means to be alive, what does it mean to be life’s manifestation.


Life, for us, should be the biggest gift we expect to find every early morning and every late night. In between one billion pieces of wood, there are always those ones that would allow us to build our bridges in direction of our dreams and in connection with our beloved ones.





Bus Poem – this is not a poem, this is Cecilia Erismann. A collaboration between Cecilia Erismann and Amjad Ali