The ongoing community. By Cecilia Erismann & Jonathan Tillotson

by cecilia Erismann

The ongoing community By Cecilia Erismann & Jonathan Tillotson. Photo by Murat Durusoy

Photo by Murat Durusoy  

The community is always there, a simple fact like gravity… The problem is so simple too! We cannot escape it – you are created out of others The other and you – you and the other. Imagine yourself when you were a kid, Basic things created for you, always already – by others. (others – communication. others – affecting me. me – communicating. me – affecting others…) You are always inside of a context, The context is you – you are the context. The contract you make – the laws are invisible. Equally important: community and individual, A community fragmented, Lien invisible… Movement between individual and communal, A path to take – always elsewhere, never there. Never arriving – always going… (we almost arrived there). Between difference and togetherness – The borders are greeted, Elsewhere, we speak the same language in silence… * We think we speak the same language, In rare moments, we do. In other moments, The same words, different meanings… Breathe in the spaces of a poem. Reason and emotion – Poetic and scientific words blowing in the wind (it is cold out here, where is my other one to warm it up?!) What is the percentage of the conflicts? How much from misunderstanding, Or from disagreement? Intention – using words to express a feeling or a thought. Who defined the criteria for superior – inferior? Winner and loser – legitimation – a point of view… Everyone is dancing in the same room, Each in their manner and style – What are the criteria? Each with their own, in uniqueness… How much effort am I truly putting in here? And if I am doing wrong – tell me why! I enter a dialogue with you – I validate your opinion, or not. We establish our own criteria – the invisible of community … We are arriving there – elsewhere.