by cecilia Erismann

It was:

A smile,

A look,

A thank you,

And two hugs…

Coming from four different people,

Nothing else…

It was everything I needed.

The beauty of the smallest big things,

That can happen in our lives –

that could happen in my day.

And suddenly, life is filled up with love, joy, light!

For those four people,

Some that I know,

Others that I don’t know –

and I will never know…

My truly thank you for those big gifts you have given to me.

I must return it!

In the smallest moments in my life,

Those moments when some one else would not expect,

And I will have:

A hug,

A smile,

A look,

Or a bit of love to give,

In a truly ‘Thank you too’.


2014-07-24 20-37-14

Photo by Jojo Harslem