An event

by cecilia Erismann

Yesterday when I was talking with you, I had just found a beautiful street with a friend of mine, who is a painter. We asked for a chair, we seat down there – where the sun could caresses our bodies and we were facing two antique shops – behind us, another two.

You sent me the message saying yes for our music and poetry project – it was a perfect moment for a yes… I was so present – the present overflowing itself – an event was happening, changing my past and my future! So soft, caressing my soul. I tried to catch the moment with my words – I wrote down fragments of thoughts… My friend was painting the façade we were facing – life was being multiply: in that door, the memories of others were speaking in Turkish to us – invading my being! Life was also so present in her painting – she was charmingly painting life itself, by duplicating that façade! And the whole street was full of life, we could feel from the other’s eyes – those eyes that look that street everyday – that something unique was happening – our presence was being felt with joy: an event was happening – in the middle of the day-by-day of those eyes…

And old man calls me, while another man passes with a ‘huge hat’ fulfilled with fresh sandwiches. He offers me one, using kind gestures and smiles. I accept, the gift arriving and going – he was happy to give; I was warming up my heart by receiving it. He offers one to my friend too. Her joy was a gift for both of us… He gives us hats, so we could look better in our ‘artistic-life’, in that moment: a movie scene… Tea comes; we were seated with him – talking in Turkish and English and Google translator… Talking with the hearts, beyond words. To give without any other reason, than the given itself, is to free the moment, to take words and concerns away and open up for love – the kind of love that we all have inside of us… Love for life and love for the others!

To feel gratitude is so unique, in those moments, I am bigger than myself and my words are so silent. He offers another tea, we are in our chairs – I am daydreaming with the present, trying to catch it with my words – sketching – memories being build… She is finishing her painting, overflowing smiles that go down and up that street.

You were there too – saying yes and making me realize that a new path opens for me now. And I wanted to share with you what is happening around me, but I just grasp some words, I retain a bigger yes, coming from your words, but being more than us. It is a yes for… Go! Make happens, open for the others what I kept in my books… And for this, I say yes too! Courage is the name of some action, the passion to do your work, to open your heart – courage is the first step to go. You open a yes, I say another to you – we sing a poem, in some future near by…

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More reasons to be grateful for…

I wish I had share this in the moment,

But I had no words.

When an event happens,

Our being stay silent – it is life,

It was love.


The façade, by Alice Angela Toich