– For ‘Warning’s Wane’ –

by cecilia Erismann


Deep connection with –

No barriers between You and I;

We are one –

The first memory,

Linked to the last one,

‘I was always yours,

You are my only hope’

The power structure,

Don’t need to punish,

When the little beasts are running around…

In circles – life is so…

Illusion – fiction – reality,

Reality – fiction – some novel.

I kept your words into my dreams,

The different flows and shades,

Making each moment – a single moment,

All connected – one into another,

The others…. Sometimes, a break –

The touching is not allowed.

We forgot the taste of love,

And we burn into desire –

It is pleasure, but it hurts…


In a cold move,

You provide your obedient audience,

These faces on the window –

They don’t live,

They are the spectators,

The sparrows – but they don’t fly!

And you provide them – us – with death,

Where time normally ends…

For you… it does not!

Death is in the edge and in the center,

Where time flows differently,

And touching is not needed,

I don’t touch you – we are one,


It was day or it was night?

The moment so was bright!

You open something bigger,

By closing your book,

You do the same to me.

You stop guiding me –

I stop being your reader,

I am traveling in my ideas…

There is no end,

The edges turn in circles until it achieves some kind of love,

And this will keep going forever

On and on,

Where are you taking me – where am I going to arrive?


In the edge of your book,

I greet my poetry – I find my words.


Book available here – by the beautiful Jaclyn Little