Flow –

The ultimate goal in life should never be to arrive, but to keep on going… We never know what is waiting for us at the end of the road – but we can always know how the next step could look like. Embrace your true nature, let it be and let it go, flow. Take a chance, make a change. Go. Knowing that does not matter what happens to you, you will always get what you needed to get and what you have desired for – we are always lucky enough to find all that we needed to find in order to keep on growing, to keep on going. This life is the most beautiful school one could apply for – and it is for free, and it is for all, and it has all the different colors, shapes, knowledge. Don’t waste it feeling sorry for the bad things that happened to you or the bad people that you needed to cross on your way. Be thankful for them, for in the end of the day, they are our biggest gifts. Without them, we would never be able to practice our true love, show our brightest light or have a deeper understanding of what does it means to be alive, what does it mean to be life’s manifestation.


Life, for us, should be the biggest gift we expect to find every early morning and every late night. In between one billion pieces of wood, there are always those ones that would allow us to build our bridges in direction of our dreams and in connection with our beloved ones.