Between Charlotte and me – an ongoing conversation

by cecilia Erismann

Don’t wake me up – Let me stay…

Let me lay down on our memories – on what was left behind,

Our sunny Sundays – you dreaming next to me,

Forever morning,

Les rayons du soleil à travers notre fenêtre,


Being love – daydreaming,

What time did not take away – memory,

Les souvenirs d’amour sont tellement doux…


Nous, l’amour d’autre fois…

Images and words blowing through my mind – ta presence invisible,

The sun shining on your already gone presence,

Not yet there – already gone,

Time passing slowly– overlapping reality,

Where did our time go?


Daydreaming, I watch the time passing by,

Always, un peu plus loin,

In your absence, I let the sun caress my body,

It was you that told me once – tu Te rappelle?

We are words in a golden writting –

Tu m’avais dit… Tout ce que tu vois dans cette ville!

Tout ce qu’on voyait dans cette ville – now lies down in a golden box…


Your words running through my body,

You wrote on me your history,

I am now your monument – a fragment,

Don’t wake me up –

Les mémoires d’amour sont tellement doux…


In that sunny Sunday, do you still remember?

Our bodies lying down on this bed,

The same bed that now I lay down – your invisible presence,

In your absence –

Le temps de l’amour s’évanoui…


Blows like the wind,

It passes away,

It passes by.

It passes.








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