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Between Charlotte and me – an ongoing conversation

Don’t wake me up – Let me stay…

Let me lay down on our memories – on what was left behind,

Our sunny Sundays – you dreaming next to me,

Forever morning,

Les rayons du soleil à travers notre fenêtre,


Being love – daydreaming,

What time did not take away – memory,

Les souvenirs d’amour sont tellement doux…


Nous, l’amour d’autre fois…

Images and words blowing through my mind – ta presence invisible,

The sun shining on your already gone presence,

Not yet there – already gone,

Time passing slowly– overlapping reality,

Where did our time go?


Daydreaming, I watch the time passing by,

Always, un peu plus loin,

In your absence, I let the sun caress my body,

It was you that told me once – tu Te rappelle?

We are words in a golden writting –

Tu m’avais dit… Tout ce que tu vois dans cette ville!

Tout ce qu’on voyait dans cette ville – now lies down in a golden box…


Your words running through my body,

You wrote on me your history,

I am now your monument – a fragment,

Don’t wake me up –

Les mémoires d’amour sont tellement doux…


In that sunny Sunday, do you still remember?

Our bodies lying down on this bed,

The same bed that now I lay down – your invisible presence,

In your absence –

Le temps de l’amour s’évanoui…


Blows like the wind,

It passes away,

It passes by.

It passes.








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And now?

‘What time is now?’ He asks me…

In which now are you –

He enquires me on that instant…

That now – as usual,

Was performing his eternity

By passing from one minute

To another, and other, and other…

Another – just gone!

And I think… If I could freeze time,

I would say: ‘Now is 10:37’.


‘What time is now?’ I smile

Already knowing that the now is never counted

By Hours, minutes, seconds…

Now is silent –

In that now, he was already gone,

Time goes on…


‘And now?’ he asks,

‘Now is 19:10 – a day just passed without saying anything…’

(na desimportância do proprio tempo,

a days was gone – gone – just now).


‘And there, what time is it now?’

‘Now is 1:10’

From one minute to another

From here to there,

The invisible line…

Another day – a fresh one – just born,

Another day already going on!


I stop and think…

Probably, in the next years to come,

This now will be still here and there,

This now will be always in between,

It will always be… Our now-memory.

To be present – to be… Now!

Now is insane!

Now is where we are – always there…


Right now is night – a moment with no borders,

Right now I write to catch this moment,

Our eternal now – lembranças…


Image by Joaquin Aras