‘Postcards Project’

Berlin… Why did you call me? I came here to know you, to feel you, to
love you! I arrived here with so little information about you and I
loved you since the first day! ‘Who are you, dear city?’ Whispered my
heart while I walk, while I live, while I search! I want to know you –
my questions for you are an attempt to find some answers and with
these answers, find more questions, more poetry – the poetry that I
feel in your spaces. I walk trough the streets just looking at you, my
words come one after the other – bringing life to the white sheet of
paper, to my poetry and to the encounters I have – not only with the
city, but also with the people living here and with myself.

The ‘Postcards Project’ is a poetic project created with the goal to
get to know you better, but not just you, dear city, but also all the
people that live within you, starting a dialogue with them, with you –
and with me as one of you.
With a simple design and 5 questions, the postcards are an invitation
for people to enter into a dialogue with the city and me – it is call
I am making to you… would you answer me?
With the answers I am hoping to receive, I will write by hand a poem
to you – made out of your words – we create together.  By chance, I
will get to know you. By love, we will find together our own language
– a language of love. We will not find a final answer, but more and
more questions and poetic events happening – alive, in life, in love!
To thank you – thank you for entering in this dialogue with me – a
letter will arrive to you – with time. It will be your own words,
written down by me, and created by the encounter that is made out of
the encounter. A poem will be born in-between us, in the middle of our
words, our streets, our ways.
Between you and me, Berlin – love letters will be delivered with the
address provided by those essential people who took the time to feel
you too, answer us, and enter in our dialogue – the dialogue of love
for you – Berlin.


*If you are currently living in this city and want to be part of the project, but didn’t find yet your postcard, send a message to Cecília.